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Books by Bill Hobbs

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The WORK Book: How to Build You Personal Brand and Get Hired, is designed for first time job seekers and seasoned professionals who want to pursue a new career.   

    • Can be read in less than two hours and applied immediately
    • Shows readers how to plan for and choose the right career
    • Teaches readers how to create a strong personal brand
    • Offers keen insights on creating an effective resume, preparing for interviews, and negotiating with companies, including dealing with multiple job offers
    • Illustrates concepts through dialogue scenarios the provide specific context
    • Facilitates immediate process application through worksheets that accompany the text
    • Offers ideas on advancing an existing career and selling ideas to other employees and managers



    Become Relevant: Beyond the Sale

    An exciting new sales book available in Q2 2014

Most sales books are boring, so when Bill decided to write Become Relevant, he made sure it felt more like a novel than an instructional manual.  With funny anecdotes, colorful language, and details from his successes and failures, the book gives readers a practical approach to complex selling. 

Become Relevant: Beyond the Sale, is more impactful and entertaining than any other book on the market.   Bill's experience in the field has helped him develop methods that are easy to apply and speak to sales people and managers everywhere. He has sold hundreds of millions of dollars in products and services, conducted thousands sales calls, and managed multiple teams of sales people at a Fortune 500 company. 

This book speaks to sales reps and sales managers of all levels, outlining how to successfully approach major deals, navigate large accounts, and become truly relevant to customers buying products or services in any market. 





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